Sale! asz200 Stereo Microscope Bundle

ASZ 200t Stereo Microscope Bundle


Enjoy major savings with our Added-Value Microscope Bundles. Each includes the microscope of your choice, digital camera, and suitable accessories to complete the package. We offer a wide range of bundles to meet your specific requirements, and your budget too.




ASZ 200t Stereo Microscope Bundle includes:

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ASZ-200t Stereo Microscope Bundle –For All Your Stereo Microscopy Needs!

The ASZ-200t Stereo Microscope Bundle fits the serious users’ needs. Included are the ASZ-200t Stereo Microscope, an LED ring light and a high quality microscope camera. It also comes with a sturdy carrycase. This is all you need to start working right away.

ASZ-200t Trinocular Stereo Microscope

The ASZ-200 Stereo Microscope series is a great choice for users in both the industrial and academic sectors.  They are designed for 3-dimensional viewing including industrial quality control and, component manufacturing and inspection. Therefore, they are perfect for the study of a wide range of specimens. Namely, coins, rocks and, biological and forensic objects.

ASZ-200 series microscopes are made for ease of use and comfort.  Thus, boosting productivity and cutting costs. For instance, you can adjust the working distance and the distance between your eyes. Also, the viewing head is inclined to reduce neck and back strain. Like other ASZ products, they come with white, black and clear plates as standard.

The ASZ-200 series comes in binocular (ASZ-200b) and trinocular (ASZ-200t) versions. The third vertical port in the ASZ-200t allows you to use the microscope camera. Thus, you can produce high quality images. Moreover, the LED ring light provides apt lighting for any job. This bundle is all you need to put out high grade documented work.

For users with more advanced needs, we also have an ASZ-400t Stereo Zoom Microscope bundle. This bundle also includes a microscope camera, LED ring light and carrycase.

ASZ-200t Microscopes Features:

  • Inclined Trinocular viewing head for maximum comfort
  • 10x Wide-field eyepieces with diopter adjustment for larger field of view
  • 100mm working distance – ideal for a wide range of applications
  • Interpupillary distance adjustment of 55mm-75mm
  • 2x/4x objectives for 20x & 40x Magnification
  • Adjustable brightness LED-LUX Illumination


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