Prepared Slides Set B

Childrens Prepared Microscope Slides Sets

4 sets of 5 slides per box, total 20 slides:

  • Incredible Edible Plants
  • Fun Guys
  • Flower Power
  • Lily Pad Leap


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Incredible Edible Plants

Set contains five slides…

  1. Onion Roots
  2. Corn Stem
  3. Tomato leaf.
  4. Carrot root.
  5. Rice leaf

Fun Guys Mini Slide Set

Five examples of various fungi, more commonly found than you might think! Sections of molds and mushrooms.

Slides included:

  1. Rhizpous (bread mold)
  2. Penicillum
  3. Lichens
  4. Coprinus (mushroom)
  5. Saccharomyces (yeast)

Flower Power Mini Slide Set

Brush up on your botany knowledge with these five slides from various parts of different flowers including sunflower, buttercup and more.

Slides included:

  1. Sunflower Stem
  2. Buttercup Stem
  3. Lily Leaf
  4. Lotus Root
  5. Rose Petal

Lily Pad Leap Mini Slide Set

Skip the dissecting and use these five slides to examine different parts of the frog.

Slides included:

  1. Frog Intestine
  2. Frog Kidney
  3. Frog Liver
  4. Frog Skin
  5. Frog Lung

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