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Dark field microscopy is a technique that can be used for observing and evaluating human blood, freshly drawn and still in its living, functional state. The technique is particularly favoured by practitioners of naturopathic medicine, as well as others in various schools of alternative medicine and natural care.

A small sample of the patient’s blood is drawn, and placed on a microscope slide. No stains or fixatives are used, as in traditional blood analysis. The blood sample is then observed using a dark field microscope. Dark field microscopes use a special illumination system which lights the blood sample from the sides, rather than from directly below. This reveals details that would be invisible under the more usual (bright field) microscope. There is greater depth and surface detail – almost a “3D” view.

With a dark field microscope, the state of the living cells can be seen, as well as the various other particles that may be present in the blood plasma. Cell motion and ongoing changes can also be observed. It is a living, moving scene, rather than a static, lifeless view. The condition of the various types of cells can be seen, as well as their relationships and interactions with each other. Warning signs of disease, and evidence of parasitic, bacterial or fungal infections may be seen. Immune system activity and vitality can be assessed. Foreign objects in the blood can also be spotted – debris, crystals of uric acid and so on.