Microscope Camera

The Dinoeye AM7023CT 5.0 Megapixel “C” Mount – Microscope Camera Eyepiece

  • 5.0 Megapixels Resolution
  • Connect with your computer, monitor or projector to display images or real-time video
  • Capture and save images
  • Dino Capture for Windows (DinoXcope for Mac) imaging software enables zoom, image enhancement, measurement function
  • Eyepiece camera connects with your microscopes via C Mount fitting
  • Still image resolution 2592 x 1944
  • Measurement Software Included




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Buy High Quality Pixels Dinoeye AM7023CT Microscope Camera

This Microscope Camera is ideal for a variety of applications and it can be connected to a computer to display the images.  Its reasonable price and high quality make it a very economical choice.

This Dinoeye AM7023CT Microscope Camera captures and saves images, videos, and time-lapse videos.  It includes Dino Capture software for PC and DinoXcope software for MAC.  This software allows you to display live images on a computer screen or projector.  It also makes it simple to share images with a group or enlarge them for closer study.  You can also use it to take measurements and annotate recorded images.

The Dinoeye AM7023CT Microscope has a high image resolution of 5.0 megapixels.  This means the AM7023CT is an ideal solution for displaying images of your specimens on large screens.  It can also be used for capturing high quality images for publication.

The C-Mount Dinoeye AM7023CT Microscope has a compact design for easy integration.  The software that comes with it is compatible with both PC and MAC.  This software includes built-in drivers.

The Dinoeye AM7023CT Microscope offers high quality, low maintenance cost, and easy integration.  Anyone can use it to perform live inspections or obtain images and videos for later use.

When you purchase the Dino-Eye AM7023CT Microscope camera, you get excellent image quality at an affordable price. When you buy the Dinoeye Microscope from us, we give you an Unlimited 2 Year Warranty.  In fact, all of our Cameras come with a 2 year warranty.

So what are you waiting for?  Buy our top of the line Dino-Eye AM7023 5.0 megapixel microscope camera.  You will get high resolution imagery and fluorescence imaging capabilities.

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