Defused LED Dome Ring Light – IL-LED-R2D

The IL-LED-R2D is a diffused LED dome light, specialized for use with stereo microscopes.  The dome softens emitted light and reduces glare, making it a possible alternative to lighting systems with polarizers.  The IL-LED-R2D features an integrated brightness control, enabling users to easily adjust the strength of light emitted by the device.  Overall brightness reaches 1.9 KFC (kilo foot candles) with a color temperature of 6000k.  The IL-LED-R2D also has an inner diameter of 1.6 inches and a life expectancy of 50,000 hours.

  • Adustable defusion dome
  • Reduces glare for video applications
  • UV free
  • Cool white light
  • Alternative to polarizers




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LED Dome Ring Light Specifications:

Brightness 1.9kfc
Color temperature 6000k – 7000k
Power input 90-265VAC
Power output 30VDC
Inner diameter 2.6″
LED power 6W
Life 50,000h
Number of LEDs 8
Light Intensity Control Yes
Warranty 1 Year