N300F LED Fluorescent Microscope

New Model Trinocular LED Fluorescent Biological Microscope suitable for educational and laboratory applications. The dye-cast base frame offers high stability and an ergonomical design, with transmitted light and fluorescence reflective lighting system.

New generation LED cold light source available in a choice of either Blue Excitation (465-475nm) or Green (Excitation 525-530nm) no need to warm-up before use, 50,000 hours life expectancy from LED Illumination.

  • Extra Widefield Eyepieces EX10x/20 with Diopter Adjustment
  • 4x, 10x, 400x & 100x Infinity Plan Objective Lenses
  • Large Dual Layer Mechanical Stage
  • Sliding-in Centerable Condenser
  • Course & Fine Focusing
  • LED-LUX Illumination with manual brightness control.
  • Epi-fluorescence LED (Choice of 2 excitation ranges)
    • A). Blue Excitation 3W LED (465-475nm)
    • B). Green Excitation 3W LED (525-530nm)




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N300F LED Fluorescent Microscope


Viewing Head Siedentopf trinocular head
interpupillary distance 48-75mm
Extra wide filed eyepiece EW10×/ 20
with diopter adjustment
Objective Infinity Plan achromatic objectives 4x, 10x, 40x & 100x
Nosepiece Quadruple Nosepiece
Stage Double layers mechanical stage 140mm×140mm/ 75mm×50mm
Condenser Sliding-in centerable condenser NA1.25
Focusing Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment, moving range 20mm
Illumination LED-LUX Illumination,Brightness AdjustableEpi-fluorescence LED (Choice of 2 excitation ranges)
A). Blue Excitation 3W LED (465-475nm)
B). Green Excitation (525-530nm)




Blue Excitation (465-475nm), Green Excitation (525-530nm)

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