N600M Student Microscope Bundle


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N600M Student Microscope Bundle includes:

$275.00 $225.00

N600M Student Microscope is one of our new model microscopes for 2017.

The LED two light source microscope allows the user to magnify both prepared slides and solid objects! View slides, coins, plants, flowers, stamps, insects, and more!

You would need two instruments to view what this one does, a biological compound microscope to look at specimens on a slide (light shines up from under the slide and through the slide) and a stereo or dissecting microscope to view solid objects at lower powered magnification (light shines down onto the specimen to be observed). The all new N600M with dual LED lighting allows for both types of applications! Cordless battery power makes it possible for field study.

With a magnification range from 40x – 1000x (40x objective fitted with 25x eyepiece) and course and fine focusing, this makes the N600M the ideal choice for the budding scientist.

Viewing Head Monocular Head, Inclined at 45º
Eyepiece WF10X/16
Objective Achromatic Objective 4X
Achromatic Objective 10X
Achromatic Objective 40X
Condenser NA0.65 with Disc Diaphragm
Nosepiece Triple Nosepiece
Stage Plain Stage with Slide Clips 95×95mm
Illumination Up and down LED illumination
Focusing System Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment

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