PS-05 Human Anatomy Slides

Prepared Slide Set – Human Anatomy for Age 12 & Up

This set of 16 prepared slides is designed specifically for the student studying Human Biology. High quality and professionally made microscope slides are stained, mounted and individually labeled, ready for observation under your microscope.

Slide set contains following 16 prepared slides :

  • Human blood smear
  • Human mouth epithelial cells
  • Human striated muscle
  • Human heart muscle
  • Human cerebrum
  • Human tonsil w/lymph nodules
  • Human lung
  • Human skin
  • Human skin w/t.s. hairs
  • Human stomach
  • Human red bone marrow
  • Human testis
  • Human salivary gland
  • Human spermatozoa
  • Human bone tissue
  • Human liver tissue




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